Sunday, June 03, 2007

I have moved. Please accept the Prodigal Son returning to the blog world.
I have made a few changes and moved to a different blog service. I do like blogger but there are a few things that are easier with wordpress. So, I switched.
Here is my new place:
Please make all adjustments and let everyone know that I am back!

Monday, August 14, 2006

There is bound to be a lesson to be learned here.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Could this also be translated...

I think therefore I do.

Our bodies respond so quickly to our brain. Sometimes we are doing things before we even think to realize that we are doing it. That my friends is powerful and also dangerous all in the same instance. Let me explain with a few questions for the road.

Have you ever said something without thinking?

Do you really think about street signs or do you just know that a yellow sign means yield?

If you have an itch, do you think "Man, my nose itches. I think I'll scratch it."

When you touch something hot, do you really have time to think about taking your hand away?

Have you ever just sat completely still for more than 30 seconds (not counting when you are in bed)?

I think therefore I do.

So if I could tame this aspect of my life...

...could I actually pray without seasing?

...could I hold my tongue and just listen instead of rambling?

...could I notice an attractive person and praise God for her beauty?

...could I train my foot to hit the breaks in my car more often for people having car trouble than when I see a police car?

I think therefore I do.

That must mean that our actions must have alot to do with what we pour into our minds. It means that even the smallest details of our life are important. It means that in any instance or circumstance we have a choice.

I think therefore I do.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Man what a nice picture this creates of todays Christianity.

I want to help but not really that much.

Fill me up Lord but not full.

Can I dive in but not get my hair wet?

Come on guys help me think of more...

but don't say that you can and then not do it.

-signing off

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life is full of dissapointments. When you don't get the last piece of the pie, or you wake up early only to find you are out of coffee, or Taylor fails to blog for four weeks. Just a real drag.

but the good news is I am back!

Are discipline and procrastination an issue for anyone but me? I always feel like I have accomplished something when I blog and yet, I don't. Why is that. Just like a morning jog, I know that I will benefit from it and most of the time I feel better throughout the day if I do...but, I don't. So why is it that we don't do things that we know are good for us and know that we will feel good about ourselves if they are accomplished? I don't get it. It doesn't take that much time and effort, and yet to the back burner. Any Suggestions?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Were there flowers? I feel like I have missed so much. What has happened to our watches? I think they have sped up. I can't tell you how busy I have been in the past three weeks. I seem to have allowed myself to overload my schedule. The funny thing is when I do this, hardly ever do I feel like I have accomplished something. I just feel like I am running in circles. I think that if things sped up anymore I would over lap myself and in passing I would smile and wave. So my encouragement for the day is not to slow down but to take the ten things that are on our lists and narrow it down to the best five. We will then see that things are slowing down. I do think that it is important to not be in a hurry. Just a thought for the day...Was Jesus ever in a hurry?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Today we are paying our tributes to Schulyer Wheeler who invented the electric fan, a principal method of home cooling until Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning. Man, these guys are my best buds. This makes me wonder what it was like before some of these things were invented. I know, I know, it would be hot, man you guys are genius'. I think that I will become the opposite breed to the bears I will lock myself up in the house from June until November, a brand new way of hibernating.

So let me know out there do you like the hot weather or cold weather better?